Why You Need Unpasteurized Honey

Unpasteurized honey is so easy to purchase.  It is available.  I went to the state fair last fall and found dozens of booths selling this wonderful product. What is Unpasteurized Honey? Often called raw honey, unpasteurized honey is the concentrated nectar from flowers.  Bees fly around collecting nectar and bring it back to the hive.  […]

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Difference Between Pasteurized and Unpasteurized Honey

I have enjoyed honey all my life. I grew up in a rural community and honey was readily available. It tasted so good. It was most likely unpasteurized honey.  Little did I know the difference between pasteurized and unpasteurized honey. The process of pasteurization was invented decades ago.  Centuries ago, beer was heated so that […]

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Unpasteurized Honey and your Runny Nose

When I read the article on the KCBD-11 website writing about allergy symptoms and prevention, it only made me think of my challenges with allergy.  Aside from cooler temperatures in the fall, I choose to use unpasteurized honey for a healthy preventative method against allergies. Why is Unpasteurized Honey a great alternative? There are many […]

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Unpasteurized Honey and the Effects of Pasteurization on Minerals

Honey is a popular food located in every grocery store in the country. It is super sweet and gives added benefits.  While sugar is sweet, honey also offers vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.  Yet, at a farmer’s market or organic foods store, you will find unpasteurized honey on the shelves as well.  This is a […]

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Raw Honey Health Benefits for a Better Night’s Sleep

One of the last things I would have thought of is eat sweetener right before bedtime.  Believe it or not, there is significant raw honey health benefits to having a little honey before bed. As part of the Symposium of Honey and Human Health, pharmacist Mike McInnes of Edinburgh, Scotland discussed it in his presentation, […]

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What is Unpasteurized Honey?

The process of pasteurization is heating liquid food to a temperature to kill certain harmful bacteria. Pasteurization was first recorded in the early 12th century by the Chinese as a method to preserve wine for an extended period of time. It was later documented in Japan in 1568.   It is applied to several foods, including […]

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Raw Honey Beauty Secrets

Unpasteurized Honey Beauty Secrets Enhancements

Have you considered using unpasteurized honey as part of your beauty treatment?  I recently visited a website called DatFunkyFro. She writes about beauty and has a line of products called OMO OGO Naturals.   Her site was down so I can’t say too much about it. I’m certain she will have it up and running […]

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Unpasteurized Honey From Prairie Flowers

Unpasteurized Honey Information

Welcome. I invite you to learn about the benefits of honey, including unpasteurized honey. Information here will help you make better decisions about eating healthy and developing healthy meals ideas. In later articles, learn about all kinds of great information about raw honey. Enzymes in Unpasteurized Honey Learn about the many enzymes such as phosphatase, […]

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