Unpasteurized Honey and your Runny Nose

When I read the article on the KCBD-11 website writing about allergy symptoms and prevention, it only made me think of my challenges with allergy.  Aside from cooler temperatures in the fall, I choose to use unpasteurized honey for a healthy preventative method against allergies.

Why is Unpasteurized Honey a great alternative?

There are many over the counter and prescription medications on the market to fend off allergies.  Unfortunately, the side effects may be worse.  Often, if you suffer diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney disease, the antihistamines or decongestant will cause more problems. On the other hand, unpasteurized honey is 100% natural.  You can’t beat that.  Not only is unpasteurized honey an excellent treatment, but the honey made in your local area may be the best. 

Two Million Blossoms: Discovering the Medicinal Benefits of Honey

The reason local unpasteurized honey is best is because it has been exposed to the pollens in the area. The pollens in the honey then helps your body builds up a tolerance to your local pollens. 

Medications out of the bottle may provide temporary relief, however a natural product such as unpasteurized honey provides ongoing relief. 

Read more at the KCBD-11 website.

Where do you find Unpasteurized Honey?

Beekeepers are everywhere. Chances are there are several in your area.  Unpasteurized honey doesn’t need to be expensive.  My niece is part of a buying group and travels to the next state, each member purchasing unpasteurized honey in five gallon pails for less than $!00.  Yes, the big white pails are not as pretty as the little 18 oz. jar at the price of $9.

Another option is to become a beekeeper.  Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby that gets you closer to nature and you get the unpasteurized honey at an even better price. If you want to learn more about beekeeping, please visit beekeepinghave.com.

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