Difference Between Pasteurized and Unpasteurized Honey

I have enjoyed honey all my life. I grew up in a rural community and honey was readily available. It tasted so good. It was most likely unpasteurized honey.  Little did I know the difference between pasteurized and unpasteurized honey.

The process of pasteurization was invented decades ago.  Centuries ago, beer was heated so that it would not spoil. Later, when the process was sophisticated, It came to be used on milk. And, on raw honey.

The intent of pasteurization is to kill off harmful bacteria.  However, the good bacteria and vitamins are destroyed too. 

What is the Difference Between Pasteurized and Unpasteurized Honey?

Simply put, nothing in the honey is damaged.  The enzymes are intact.  The good bacteria are left alone. The vitamins are still in the honey.

Can you tell the difference between raw honey and pasteurized honey?  Yes and no.

I have three jars of honey.  Two are clear and the third is crystallized honey.  When honey is processed, it is often filtered so it looks. When I looked at the jars, I found only one of the three was unpasteurized honey.   When not labeled, I can only assume that it is pasteurized.

How Should You Buy Unpasteurized Honey?

Well, straight from the farm is a good way.  In a five gallon pail is also another way too.  Don’t worry about it spoiling. Just put it in a dark cool place. Simply take a quart at a time for daily use.

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Don’t let water get into the honey. It is certain to ferment and spoil.

I hope this quick note helps you learn about benefits of unpasteurized honey and to know how easy it is to positively know the difference between pasteurized and unpasteurized honey. Ready to buy?  Just click on one of the links on the site and make your purchase.

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