Why You Need Unpasteurized Honey

Unpasteurized honey is so easy to purchase.  It is available.  I went to the state fair last fall and found dozens of booths selling this wonderful product.

What is Unpasteurized Honey?

Often called raw honey, unpasteurized honey is the concentrated nectar from flowers.  Bees fly around collecting nectar and bring it back to the hive.  It is simply honey that has not been heated or pasteurized.

Why is Unpasteurized Honey Important?

When the honey is pasteurized, living organisms are killed off.  Vitamins and nutrients are destroyed and much of the healthy properties are lost.

 What are some of the used for Unpasteurized Honey?

It helps get rid of bad breath. Mix it with cinnamon, and it’s wonderful.  This combination of unpasteurized honey and cinnamon may be good for arthritis, bladder infection and upset stomach.

Star Thistle Honey Jug 3 lbs. Honey Jar Unpasteurized Unblended No Additives Pure Michigan HoneyRaw honey is an energy booster.  It is full of carbohydrates.  I put it on my toast for an extra boost in the morning.

What about the reproductive system?  Unpasteurized honey may be beneficial for impotency.  Unpasteurized honey does not stale.  It has a very low water content so less bad bacteria grows.  Mix raw honey with apple cider vinegar and you have a wonderful treatment for sinus infection.

Unpasteurized honey also helps your complexion.  Simply include raw honey as you scrub your face for the night. You fill find it quite refreshing.

And if you find all this information wonderful, unpasteurized honey is one of the best sweeteners you can put on a piece of toast.  I enjoy Depending upon the flowers in the area, you can enjoy specially flavored honey.  Not certain of the taste? Just ask the grower what kinds of flowers are in the area and he will tell you.  Better yet, he will give you a sample of unpasteurized honey.

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